This week's Community Column is written by Maurice Corry, a Conservative MSP for the west of Scotland region and a resident of Helensburgh.

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As each day passes by we are seeing the acceleration of Covid-19, and watching the impact it is having on countries and every individual within them.

It is developing so fast that the strategy is simply to slow the spread of the virus in order to ease the pressure on the NHS, to give the health service and every person affected the best possible chance of recovery.

We have already seen unprecedented economic and social damage being caused already, which is also the same as every other country affected.

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However, as the severity of the impact coronavirus is going to cost becomes more apparent, the Scottish and UK Governments are working closer than ever to form a strong unity to beat this virus.

The same goes for within the Scottish Parliament, with every party working closely and productively.

The UK Government has gone further than any previous government in our history in terms of financial support to businesses and workers. The additional money pouring into Scotland as a result of being a part of the United Kingdom is apparent and very welcome.

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It is, however, going to take more than politicians and money to ensure we get through this pandemic.

We need every member of society to play their role. Whether it be simply following the rules and social distancing, or adapting your working and family life so our economy continues to function, it is going to be a change and a challenge for all of us.

Times like these show us our strength and the importance of everyone in society, without all different people and roles our country wouldn’t function.

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There are too many industries and institutions to mention that have assisted, and continue to assist, with this battle, for which we will all be very grateful.

I would, however, like to thank all the NHS staff. Not only are they working tirelessly, but they are also putting themselves in a more dangerous situation than usual to help others.

It is also heart-warming to see the support our businesses are offering towards the national effort – in this time of uncertainty, we can make the best of humanity and unity within our country.

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