This week's Community Column is written by Norman Muir, the convener of Helensburgh Community Council.

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I WRITE the Advertiser column on behalf of Helensburgh Community Council and we pay tribute to the residents of the town for their positive, supportive attitude in facing the current Covid-19 pandemic.

It was best demonstrated by the action of a small group of ladies who came together to form a Helping Helensburgh network, which identified a list of volunteers prepared to help out vulnerable residents in a variety of ways.

The community council was delighted to fund the production of their information leaflet which was distributed around the town. The willingness of the community to step forward and help those less able is a heartwarming revelation that everyone should be proud of.

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These are uncertain times with no perceived end in sight, but we must adhere to the medical guidance to ensure that there is no delay in returning to normal times.

The community council conducted its March monthly meeting via a video link conference facility, which was a first for us, but life has to go on, and there are things to do. The revamp of our website is a work in progress and overdue but we can still be contacted via the website.

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The letters page of the Advertiser contains some disconnected letters from outside contributors with a very random connection with the town and local area.

This may be due to insufficient local material being submitted for publication to the editor. Perhaps community groups, sports clubs, voluntary organisations and the general public could consider submitting letters to the Advertiser to inform and create a dialogue of interest in their particular area of expertise.

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The Covid-19 virus hit Community Council initiatives hard recently.

Our ‘Show and Tell’ event to showcase sports, hobby interests and clubs and societies, our March beach clean, our spring clean of the shrub beds in Colquhoun Square and our information briefing on how power is provided to the town, all had to be cancelled. They will each be revived once it is safe to do so.

On behalf of the Community Council, we wish all the community well and look to a more positive future.

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