A CHILD daycare service in Arrochar has received the highest grades possible in a recent inspection by industry regulators.

The Arrochar Primary pre-five unit, located within the village's primary school, was rated as 'excellent' for its quality of care and support and quality of staffing by the Care Inspectorate.

An unannounced visit to the facility, which is run by Argyll and Bute Council, took place in January with inspectors recording a raft of positive findings.

The completed report states: "Staff were working in an excellent way to achieve the best outcomes they could for children and their families.

"Their interaction was sensitive, responsive and very well judged.

"They were working very well together as a team to create an inclusive, nurturing environment where children and their families felt welcome, listened to, valued and respected."

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The service is registered to provide care to a maximum of 17 children ranging from two and three-years-old to those not yet attending primary school.

Staff were described as "warm, caring and attentive in their approach", while inspectors noted that the facility was "fully committed to maintaining the very high standards they had achieved".

The report adds: "In discussion with staff it was clear they knew children and their families very well.

"They valued and took account of parents' knowledge and views of their child's development needs, interests, preferences and personality when gathering the information they needed to develop and review each child's personal plan and support their transitions.

"They spoke sensitively and knowledgeably about children's individual care, learning and development needs.

"Staff demonstrated through discussion and their practice that they were forward thinking, motivated and very open to exploring new ideas.

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"We were impressed by how staff were using their skills, knowledge and expertise to create a rich learning environment that was inspiring children to be creative, curious and inventive.

"In discussion with staff it was evident they felt valued, empowered, respected and well supported by the head teacher."

Arrochar Primary head teacher, Alison Palmer, said: "I am so delighted with the Care Inspectorate's findings, to get gradings rated excellent is fabulous.

"I have amazing, dedicated staff who are all fully committed to bringing the best out of every child in our care.

"This report is a credit to our staff, pupils, parents and community."

Previous inspection reports in 2018 and 2014 rated the service as 'very good'.

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