This week's Councillor Column is written by Lorna Douglas, SNP councillor for Helensburgh Central.

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When I wrote my last column less than two months ago, I could never have envisaged the change that would have happened to all our lives in this short space of time.

Yet here we all are, schools closed (except for the children of key workers), businesses closed, people out of work, people remote working from home and only key workers allowed out to work.

And with all this comes queuing for essential shopping, exercising once a day, and keeping our social two-metre distancing.

The above are the main physical and material changes to our routines and daily rhythms, but perhaps more important are the impacts that these changes will have on our emotional and mental wellbeing.

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I am aware that many people in our community will be worried about the immediate and long term financial impacts this situation will have on them and their family.

Many of our elderly residents may be feeling very isolated, distanced from family and friends and the routines that they live their lives by, and their families likewise worried about their welfare.

For key workers in our community, the worry of becoming infected with Covid-19 and passing it onto family members must be great.

Our young people must be missing their school friends terribly and although online social media platforms are great, they can never make up for the loss of physical and social closeness.

However, it is amazing how our local businesses, services and people have all adapted so quickly by responding to the needs of others.

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There has been an incredible number of people who have volunteered to help deliver essential items to those unable to get out and I know that many neighbours are also keeping an eye on one another particularly those most vulnerable.

Families are finding new ways to keep in touch with grandparents and parents are rising to the challenge of supporting their children’s learning from home, which is no easy thing to do.

Thank you to the people of Helensburgh for adapting so quickly, for helping others, for social distancing and to the young people for all their beautiful rainbows.

For people with concerns about finance, business, education, registration and social and homecare needs, or for local people wishing to volunteer, please call the community helpline on 01546 605524 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm), or visit

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