This week's Community Column is written by local minister the Rev Ian Miller...

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A FRIEND of mine from the dim and distant past, Ramsey McGhee, the leader of Scotland’s freemasons, has stirred up controversy by referring to a comment by Anne Lotz, daughter of the late Billy Graham.

Anne's comment comes near to suggesting that the coronavirus is a judgement from the Almighty.

Ramsey has sought to distance himself from Ms Graham’s comments by saying: “I had no intention of promoting the suggestion. I was simply quoting Ms Graham as a point of interest.”

What is undeniable, be you a person of faith or not, is that the pandemic has been a huge wake up call. I am sure we will emerge from it a different people, and a different society.

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My friend Bryan Weir said on Facebook recently: “The UK has spent tens of billions of pounds on nuclear weapons over the years [in case] there is a nuclear war, yet they refused to prepare for a pandemic that they were warned was going to happen.

“The UK has allowed the NHS to deteriorate to breaking point over the last 25 years. Government ineptitude and inaction during this pandemic now has it on the verge of collapse.

"The NHS benefits everyone, every single day of every single year. Trident benefits no one. Priorities must now change.”

Pertinent words from a wise man. Put up your hand if you disagree.

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If anything has shown up the utter madness of spending money on this obscenity, then the current crisis does it.

Trident is not for our safety, or our defence. There is one and only one reason for Trident: and that is so that Boris and his public school educated cronies can sit at the same table as the big boys.

It is a vanity project which we have never needed, and we have never needed it less than we need it now.

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Let us accept that we are a small country – indeed, four small countries – and whether united or divided, we are united in the belief that the greatest and most important pillar of our society, the very envy of the world, is the NHS.

Heroes, every single person who works for it, and for us. Successive governments have let those heroes down, and we have slept.

So let’s wake up. I challenge you, Boris, on behalf of the NHS I believe in, on behalf of the community I love. I challenge you.

Put it to a vote, Boris. Funding for Trident or for the NHS? Let the people decide? Even you and your privileged mates will know the result.

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