TWO young Helensburgh mums have praised NHS maternity ward staff after giving birth to beautiful baby boys during lockdown.

Strict social distancing guidelines remain in place across the country in response to the coronavirus pandemic but life is far from being put on hold for prospective new parents.

For Natalie Wood, who already has two sons, Aiden-Lee and Sebastian, the arrival of a third a fortnight ago went perfectly smooth.

Natalie, who runs the Bouncing Baby Baby Bank group which provides support and supplies to parents in need, told the Advertiser that workers at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) in Paisley were unperturbed by the global crisis as they helped deliver newborn Oscar, who weighed 6lb 9oz.

Natalie said: "The surgery went amazing and the staff were very professional, they even laughed at my silly jokes even though I'm sure they didn't really find them funny. They were ace.

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"Only one midwife came into the room at any one point and between patients they went and changed their PPE.

"The midwives themselves seemed tired but from what I could personally see they tried to keep smiling and never really let things get to them, they stayed professional and did amazingly."

Natalie described herself as "one of the lucky mums" as she was in and out of hospital within 24 hours but she admitted that it is a difficult time for others.

She added: "My partner Paul could stay with me in the labour ward and in surgery but when we got moved to maternity he had to leave.

"Once on the ward my only communication with the outside world was via phone. Mine and my partner's family have up to yet only seen Oscar via Facebook, Whatsapp messenger, video calls or Skype.

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"In the ward, only one person at once was allowed to use the milk room and kitchen and the midwives preferred you asking them to go get you things so they could keep up with social distancing.

"They were just amazing, I really couldn't fault them. When we had been discharged, a student midwife helped me to the car with my baby and our bags, that was the first time my partner had seen us in 24 hours and the poor girl could only apologise that he hadn't been allowed in.

"Our honest response to this was 'don't apologise for something that is out of your control'."

Casey Devine, who works at the Helensburgh Pet Shop in Sinclair Street and only moved away from the town to Alexandria a year-and-a-half ago, is also celebrating this week after giving birth to baby Caleb.

The 26-year-old mum of three said the whole family are doing "really well" after the latest arrival was born at the RAH on Thursday morning, April 16, weighing 7lb 1oz.

"Not being able to see anyone has been hard," she said, "especially for my partner James' family.

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"My mum and dad were lucky enough to meet Caleb when we got home as they were watching our other two kids, and friends have been lovely by dropping presents off at the door for him but it's not the same as being able to give him a little cuddle."

Casey, who has a seven-year-old girl and a 17-month-old boy, also heaped praise on the NHS staff.

She said: "I was booked in for a planned c-section and was totally worried about James not being able to be there, but the midwives and surgeons were amazing.

"They let him stay the entire day in recovery with us and I honestly can't thank them enough.

"They made everything so comfortable and they were so hands-on considering everything that is going on just now.

"It is a complete worry having a baby with all this going on around us, you just don't know what to expect, it's a scary time for everyone."

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