THERE are few things better at brightening up your day than a touch of fresh air in the great outdoors and the sight of nature at its finest - and Helensburgh certainly does not disappoint in those departments.

Photographers and everyday members of the public have expressed their delight in recent weeks at the emergence of the town’s famous cherry and apple blossom trees in full bloom.

While visitors from outside the area may be currently unable to see the springtime favourites for themselves, due to restrictions on unnecessary travel, we felt like bringing you a selection of shots sent in by Advertiser readers to, hopefully, cheer everyone up during lockdown.

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And although we’re all limited in our ability to take full advantage of the warmer weather, or enjoy the colours and scents of outside for any length of time, that hasn’t stopped some from making the most of their daily exercise with a camera in tow.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to send in their picture contributions - if you’d like to do so, too, email us at

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