Kind-hearted staff at a Cardross pub have launched a new community drive to provide free meals to key workers and vulnerable village residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Operation Steak Pie’ went live last week after being set up by the team at The Cardross Inn and more than £700 has been donated towards the friendly initiative already.

Writing on a GoFundMe page, organiser Kate Wooding explained how the joint scheme between the Inn and volunteer group Cardross Cares works.

“Do you know someone who would benefit from a meal delivered to their doorstep? A key worker or someone working really hard to keep our community going; someone self-isolating; someone finding it hard to buy groceries; someone finding it difficult to cook; someone who may be feeling vulnerable; a family member you can’t support because you’re too far away, or just a friend who you want to support?

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“The Cardross Inn will prepare a delicious platter for two, or for one over two days, then Cardross Cares volunteers will deliver it to their doorstep, with re-heating instructions, on a Friday or Saturday between 4pm and 6pm. Just reheat and eat!

“There will be a set menu each weekend, which will change weekly.”

All anyone who is interested in supporting the initiative needs to do is text the name and address of the person you want to receive the meal to 07478 388307 by 5pm on a Thursday, including the number of platters to be delivered and whether they should be delivered on a Friday or Saturday.

The delivery address should be within the village of Cardross.

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A link will then be provided to the GoFundMe page where you can make a donation of whatever you feel is appropriate to cover the cost of the platter.

Remember to tell the person you’ve nominated to expect a meal delivery.

Organisers say they are giving their time and the costs of operating the catering premises free of charge and will not benefit from offering the service. 

All appropriate social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be followed and any donations will help cover the costs of purchasing the ingredients, food packaging and hygiene supplies necessary to prepare and deliver the food safely.

A note on the fund-raising page adds: “As is normal practice at Cardross Inn we will purchase as much produce as possible from local businesses to support them in these difficult times.
“Any money left in the fund once the service is no longer needed will be divided equally between the Cardross Brownies group, the Cardross Scout group, Cardross and Craigendoran Senior Citizens group and the Dunny Cafe.”

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David Davidson, landlord of The Cardross Inn, said: “We all know that some people are finding the lockdown quite hard, whether that’s because they’re working extra hard, or because they’re stuck at home.

“We wanted to give people a practical way to say thanks.

“It’s not charity, it’s a way for the village to make life a wee bit easier for them.”

Speaking in the weekly video update posted by the Cardross Cares group, Patrick Trust, convener of the village’s community council, added: “I am pleased to say that the village is running well and volunteers are doing a great job still.

“That is being acknowledged by Argyll and Bute Council who are now referring people to Cardross Cares in the village.

“They have had very few referrals from us because Cardross Cares is working, so thank you very much all of the volunteers.”

For more information on ‘Operation Steak Pie’ visit

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