A 73-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested and charged with seven counts of vandalism to a gate between Helensburgh and Cardross.

Police arrested the man after carrying out an investigation into reports that a chain securing a gate to a path between the Red Road and Camis Eskan had been repeatedly cut off.

It’s alleged that the vandalism to the chain happened between February and May of this year.

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The man was released pending an appearance in court, with a bail condition attached barring him from approaching the Red Road.

Two recent reader's letters to the Advertiser have raised the issue of public access to the route.

The topic was the subject of a letter from Dr Geoff Riddington, of Helensburgh, in our May 7 edition, prompting a reply from Robert Sills, of Colgrain Steading in Cardross, in our May 14 issue.

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