This week's Community Column is written by Conservative West of Scotland MSP, and Helensburgh resident, Maurice Corry.

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We have finally begun the process of easing lockdown restrictions across Scotland, and we are slowly returning to a more normal lifestyle while remaining socially distant.

No one knows what the new norm may become, but there are many positive aspects from lockdown.

The increased use of virtual meetings and working from home are simple changes that not only allow a degree of more flexibility – they also reduce the length of the working day, free up space on our roads, reduce harmful emissions into the air around us, and ultimately reduce stress levels.

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We have seen fuel prices drop, and the environment as clean as any of us have ever seen it.

There is now an opportunity for us to change our way of living to ensure these consequences aren’t just temporary – and we would all benefit from them.

The Helensburgh community has shown great spirit throughout the lockdown, with people looking out for each other and volunteering where they can.

Local businesses, too, have reaffirmed their importance, not only in providing the products or services that they do, or the jobs they create but also the social contact they provide, especially for those who are lonely or more vulnerable.

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As we head back to being able to meet with friends and family, we must not let these people and the importance of looking out for one another be forgotten.

Although it has been a hard time, for some more than others, we need to focus on the positives so we can move forward collectively and ensure the NHS and economy get back on the path to normality.

Vital services like cancer testing and treatments must resume immediately so we can ensure the health and wellbeing of the country long after coronavirus.

Thank you to everyone who has played their part. Hopefully, with continued common sense and staying alert, we can minimise any future risk.

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