So how was it for you? The three month anniversary of living life under lockdown?

We know we’re all in line for what’s being dubbed the “new normal”. What we don’t yet know is how people will react to it.

Self evidently our local retail and hospitality community is desperate to get up and running again, but how enthusiastic will their customer base be?

Judging by the English examples, the evidence may be more than a little contradictory.

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Some stores went immediately under siege with an early stampede paying very little attention to all the rules carefully calibrated over these many weeks to keep the public safe.

And doubtless, as the pubs and restaurants get the green light too, a section of the population will literally have their tongues hanging out to get amongst the grog and grub.

Yet at the same time I detect a real wariness among others to jettison the safety-first mode they’ve been in for coming up to 13 weeks.

Old habits may die hard, but new ones can get embedded quite quickly where health and wellbeing are concerned.

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It may be partly a generational thing; the statistics all confirm the younger you are the smaller the risk.

And everyone in their teens and twenties knows they are going to live for absolutely ever. That conviction comes with the territory.

In contrast I got a call from a friend who’d just turned down a supper invitation from a couple of long-standing pals.

Just the three of us, they told her. No worries. But she did worry. And declined, feeling a bit rubbish about doing so.

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She just didn’t feel ready to go back to the old mode of socialising, she told me. Especially as the male half of the couple was still driving around all over the country with his work.

And in fact most of the folk I know locally have been pretty keen to do as Auntie Nicola and Uncle Jason tell them, probably because they don’t much fancy having to go back to square one after weeks of being super careful.

In fact, many people I know remain pretty hesitant about living life the way they used to. Fine with outdoor BBQs and the like, still conflicted about indoor gatherings.

Maybe it’s temporary. Maybe we’ll all get back into the swing of things when lockdown is eased more in Scotland and these last few months will become a hazy memory.


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