PLANS for a new agricultural storage building and yard in Cardross have attracted more than 30 objections – less than a fortnight after the proposals went public.

Building contractor Craig Cant is seeking planning permission to build on land to the northeast of Darleith Lodge, on the village’s Darleith Road, some two miles north of the centre of the village, citing a lack of suitable sites elsewhere.

But residents have expressed concerns about the single track road being used by heavy machinery, while Cardross Community Council convener Patrick Trust has claimed it is not appropriate use for the woodland.

A decision is expected from Argyll and Bute Council by early August.

A planning statement in support of Mr Cant’s application, compiled by his agents, The Hay Partnership, states: “It is generally the preference that business uses be located within established industrial estates or other established commercial properties.

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“However, the applicant has found that very few such premises exist and none are available in and around the Helensburgh area.

“Businesses related to agricultural contracting can, however, be reasonably expected to utilise farm outbuildings etc, but again none are available in the locality.

“For these reasons, the applicant is hoping to utilise land within his family’s ownership whereby a new-build shed can be discreetly introduced into a woodland setting.

“Vehicular movements to and from the building are anticipated to be limited to perhaps two or three times a week and so the impact on the local roads and houses should be negligible.

“Other than the cutting of timber there will be no works undertaken in the building or the yard.

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“Overall it is hoped that Argyll and Bute Council will recognise the shortfall in availability of such premises for local companies and will appreciate the efforts the applicant is making to create a new facility in as appropriate a manner as possible.”

However, some local residents are not convinced, with one of them telling the council: “Cardross is a small village with few amenities.

“Its main attraction is the access to the beautiful surrounding countryside and any further reduction to its green areas can only adversely affect the area.

“This proposal would not protect or enhance the quality, character and landscape setting of the Cardross area.

“It would not help the local farmers, the residents, visitors or wildlife.”

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Another said: “My wife and I often walk up Darleith Road as part of our regular exercise. I would not appreciate the increased usage of Darleith Road with heavy agricultural machinery.

“This is a narrow single track road and has been used by Cardross residents as part of a circular walk for generations. This would be compromised by the additional heavy machinery traffic traversing the road.”

Mr Trust’s message to local residents, asking them to express their views to the council, has been shared on the ‘Cardross Village Community’ Facebook page.

The plans can be viewed on Argyll and Bute Council’s website by searching for the planning reference code 20/00971/PP.

As this article was published, 40 objections had been logged on the council’s website, with no expressions of support; the closing date for public comments is Monday, July 6.

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