POLICE are investigating a series of fly-tipping incidents just outside Helensburgh after more piles of rubbish were abandoned at the roadside.

Stacks of waste, including two settees and wooden furniture, were found in the Glen Fruin area last week along with personal papers and an enquiry is ongoing to establish the owners of the materials or anyone responsible for dumping them.

Police say that should any of the items be linked back to an individual, they will be charged accordingly even if they have employed a third party to dispose of them.

Area inspector Roddy MacNeill said: “People are responsible for ensuring any waste taken from their address is being disposed of in an appropriate manner.

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“Some of the most recent materials dumped would suggest it is from a house refurbishment or similar.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Gallacher at Helensburgh police office.

June Hanley Macleod, who lives nearby the site of the latest leftover waste, said she was “absolutely raging” at yet another fly-tipping incident after previously having to clean up after litter louts during lockdown.

She told the Advertiser: “I noticed it on Wednesday morning (July 1) but apparently it was dumped the day before.

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“There is a lane opposite where this stuff was dumped which leads down to houses. There was a lot of stuff dumped down there so Luss Estates put up a gate to stop vehicles going down there so whoever was doing it obviously intended to go back down but when thwarted with the gate they just dumped at the side of the road.

“As the council are not in a position to deal with this at the moment I phoned the police who attended immediately and are dealing with it, so hopefully, as it is now a police matter, they will be able to trace who is doing this.

“The Glen has always been a dumping ground but the past few weeks have been particularly bad, especially during the hot weather where we had a lot of people picnicking.

“They left loads of rubbish and myself and my neighbours have been left to clean it up.”

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Fly-tipping has featured regularly in the Advertiser in recent weeks after repeat incidents near Asker Farm, on the Carman Road between Cardross and Renton and again in Glen Fruin.

Waste materials, including a brand new barbecue and all of its packaging, were left in Glen Fruin before a toilet, bath and lawnmower, among other items, were dumped near Asker Farm in June.

And Chris Morrow, who runs the farm, contacted the Advertiser a fortnight ago to report further fly-tipping, this time of dozens of tyres.

Argyll and Bute Council previously said they are unable to deal with dumping on private land.

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