Community support has been so important, and fantastic to be a part of during these times. Our own village came out to show special support in memory of one of our village elders who died aged 97 years on June 28.

Ron Sivyer was a beloved member of the Generation Communities group in the village, and spent the last few years sharing time and his memories of WW2 with the area’s children – and even teaching them how to use a Morse code machine.

With a rule of a maximum eight attendees still in place, villagers of all ages lined up along the front of Loch Long, where Ron had lived, to pay their respects.

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Billy Ross, one of his best friends, who shared an RAF past, lowered his restored RAF flag as Ron’s hearse passed by, while others clapped, and held sunflowers, gifted by Ron’s daughter Carol in memory of her father.

Ron loved to be a part of these connections in our communities – connections which will continue long into the future.

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We have come through trying times during this Covid crisis, but thankfully, with a steady, consistent and well judged approach from Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government.

Their policy in keeping infection rates as low as possible will help to fully restart our economy, and though it is going to be a hard road, I believe, because of this approach, we will achieve that goal.

When you look at the inconsistent and shambolic approach of the Westminster government, we should be thankful to the Scottish Government for providing a steady and consistent message – one endorsed by UK government scientific adviser Stephen Reicher, who said the “SNP government had followed a clearer strategy compared to the ad hoc approach taken by Boris Johnson and conservative ministers”.

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Throughout the last difficult months we have all been grateful for the role of our NHS and other key workers, but I would like to pay special tribute to all the teachers and staff of Argyll and Bute’s schools, who have done an excellent job – one which must have been particularly onerous during these unprecedented times.

The staff of Arrochar and Tarbet Primary School reflect that commitment to the pupils and parents of our community, and I am sure that the same can be said for other communities in Argyll and Bute.

With their hard work and dedication, hopefully we will see a full return to the school curriculum come the start of the new term.

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