A KIND-HEARTED local has called it a day on her garden stall which gave away helpful items for free, as thankful residents clapped outside her home.

Rosneath resident Autumn Brown started off her community project back during Easter with a Tupperware box holding free children’s masks on her doorstep, available for local kids to take as they please.

From there, Autumn expanded from children’s masks to everything the local community needed, which was a massive help with charity shops closed.

Locals donated their unwanted items, and Autumn’s stall began to provide the community with something for free.

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But now with lockdown easing and life returning to some sort of new normality, Autumn has pulled up the table legs and ended the project for good.

She told the Advertiser: “It was sad to see it close but also weird being able to see my garden again. With more places opening and less restrictions, there are more things for people to do, with charity shops opening I don’t want to take any potential business or donations away from them.

“I’m proud of the whole community and surrounding villages who made it work, I just supplied a garden. I still can’t get over how well it worked, how many people donated items and how many kids and adults too who benefitted from it.

“I never realised when I started how big it would grow.”

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One of Autumn’s neighbours organised a “Clap”, akin to the NHS Clap for Carers campaign, outside Autumn’s house – an event that humbled her.

“I’ve also received thank you cards, flowers and chocolates from the children. Everyone has been very appreciative and sending kind messages.” Autumn continued.

And Autumn admits her favourite part of it all was seeing the joy on the children’s faces.

“Seeing the kids come round with their parents to get their weekly treat was my favourite moment, the whole lockdown must have been so difficult for them and being able to give them something fun and a bit of happiness was worth every minute.”

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