A HELENSBURGH cat owner says she is too scared to let her pets out of her home after five animals disappeared from two streets in the past month.

Lisa Johnstone lives near Craigendoran railway station in Lawrence Avenue, where five cats have gone missing from the same end of the street, which joins up with Dennistoun Crescent, since the start of July.

Although one of the missing cats has since been found - in Arrochar - neighbours have posted leaflets through doors and alerted both the police and the Scottish SPCA in the hope of finding the other furry friends, with concerns growing that something more sinister may be at play.

“The first one went missing on July 3 and since then five have gone missing,” Lisa told the Advertiser.

“There’s been no sign of four of them since.

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“The owners are all extremely worried and anxious. They’re now really concerned, why would five cats just disappear like that so close together?

“It makes you think ‘is there another animal out there that’s really hungry’, or is it something else?

“None of the residents have seen anything suspicious but we just don’t know if someone might have taken the cats.

“We’re just trying to think of every scenario.”

Last week the Advertiser reported that the owners of a black and white feline called Zorro were offering a cash reward for their missing pet, which disappeared from their home in Rhu Road Higher on July 16.

Several other missing pets have been reported in the area in the last few months, including one called Six who is microchipped but has not returned home to Cove since October 2019.

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Lisa said the recent disappearances are worrying for everyone.

She said: “I have two cats and I am terrified about letting them out now. I’m thinking it’s just a case of when it’s going to happen to our cats, not if.

“It’s totally out of character. Most of the cats stay to their own garden or surrounding gardens, so it’s highly unusual.

“They’re all completely different ages and types: one was 14, another is two, one is five. Two of them are black and white cats, one is a silver tabby and another is all black.

“The cats have all lived here for years so they know the railway line but nothing has been found there, nothing has been spotted near the tracks to even think that they’ve been hit by a train or anything like that.

“The Scottish SPCA have been contacted but they haven’t had any other reports, and the police have taken a note but there’s nothing that they can do yet.

“We are asking all local residents to be extra vigilant and to let us know if they see anything unusual or anyone acting suspiciously as it could provide an important lead.

“We are particularly concerned that these cats may have been snatched, which is both upsetting and worrying and not what we expect in our quiet neighbourhood.”

To get in touch with Lisa, call 07920776703 or email thejohnstoneclan@btinternet.com.

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