VISITORS to Arrochar and Luss are being urged to park responsibly this weekend, after 86 penalty charge notices were handed out last weekend.

The majority of the notices were for vehicles parked where they clearly should not be, for example in disabled parking spaces, in places reserved for coaches or outwith bays.

Argyll and Bute Council says parking management "is there to keep traffic flowing and to give as many people as possible the chance to use facilities – whether shops or countryside – safely", and inconsiderate parking is hindering traffic flow in both Luss and Arrochar, with problems being caused in Luss by cars and campervans taking up space reserved for coaches.

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Councillor Robin Currie, policy lead for housing, roads and infrastructure services, said: “We understand that, after lockdown, people want to get out and enjoy the countryside again. That’s great and we’re happy to welcome you. We would ask that care is taken with the communities you visit.

“The number of notices served last weekend shows the worrying extent irresponsible parking has reached. I would add that parking in spaces reserved for disabled people is completely unacceptable and we will continue to enforce PCNs on inconsiderate parking where necessary.

“If a car park is full, please, please do not park carelessly. Turn around and come back another time. This will all be waiting for you at a later date.”

The council has also pleaded with day-trippers and local residents to take care of the areas they visit and dispose of litter responsibly.

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A council statement reads: "Most people treat the area with love and respect – and we are grateful - but some are leaving behind a variety of rubbish, ranging from carry-out food packaging, drinks cans and bottles to camping equipment.

"Camper van waste should only be emptied at dedicated disposal points as dumping it in public toilets or in the countryside can cause serious damage.

"We are also seeing an increasing amount of face masks being discarded at the side of the roads. These are classed as biohazard materials and need to be disposed of securely."

Cllr Currie added: “It’s heartbreaking that there are some people who don’t value our precious communities and landscape.

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"Please, if you are visiting Argyll and Bute – treat it as if you lived here too. And if you’re local, remember we are privileged to live here and are all custodians of this beautiful place.

“Discarding face-coverings in public places is downright irresponsible. Together, we have sacrificed so much to contain Covid-19 and earn a bit more freedom. Why put others at risk again?

“Please be responsible for your own litter. If bins are full, or you are in a place where there are none, bag it and take it away with you. It’s that simple. Don’t leave things behind that blight the landscape, endanger wildlife or public health.”

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