PLANS by a Helensburgh bar to allow drinking outdoors until 10pm have been recommended for approval – despite nearly a dozen objections from people living nearby.

John Rapallini, licensee at the Clyde Bar on West Clyde Street, is seeking permission to extend the premises’ beer garden opening by 60 minutes from its current limit of 9pm.

Among the objections was one from the owner of a nearby property who said the additional time would be “unbearable”.

Many of the objectors raised concern over anti-social behaviour by members of the public.

But a report to go before Argyll and Bute Council’s planning, protective services and licensing committee has said that councillors should give the application the green light.

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The report on Mr Rapallini’s application says that anti-social behaviour is a matter for the police to deal with, and points out that extending the beer garden’s hours would be consistent with other bars in Helensburgh.

The report says: “The distance from adjacent residences (15m) is a similar distance to other beer gardens that have secured planning permission within the town centre i.e. The Sugar Boat, Wetherspoons etc.

“This distance was considered acceptable and to not directly affect residential amenity in terms of privacy.

“In addition, whilst not suggested by environmental Health, the 9pm limit/curfew was considered an appropriate compromise between the commercial interests of the bar and the amenity of adjoining residents.

“The issue is whether the proposal to operate for an additional hour each day will detrimentally impact on the amenity of adjoining residential properties.”

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The assessment also refers to the Clyde Bar’s initial successful application to install its beer garden in 2017.

It says that under that application, “it was considered appropriate to control the development by restrictive condition relating to hours of operation and evidence that residential amenity will be protected in the form of a noise management plan submitted for further approval”.

The report continues: “Environmental Health have been consulted on the current proposal and have indicated that they have had complaints from one neighbour regarding noise.

"However, no noise diary has been submitted to justify the complaint.

“As such, they have indicated no objections subject to the submission of a noise mitigation plan.

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“Subject to this and other safeguarding conditions the proposal is regarded to comply with policies and guidance.”

One of the objectors, the owner of a nearby property, stated: “We have on-going complaints from our tenants of noise, property damage, public urination and fear when accessing or leaving their flats.

“Pictures have also been submitted showing people standing on tables in the beer garden.

"Therefore we would not agree to extend hours and would ask that the council fully enforce the conditions of the current licence.”

The plans will be considered by the planning committee at a meeting to be held via video link on Wednesday, August 19.

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