THIS week's community column comes from local Church of Scotland minister, the Rev Ian Miller.

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THERE was a wee girl who went on the train many years ago. It was her first train journey and it was overnight.

As it became dark Mum took the girl and placed her on the upper bunk of the sleeper. She told her that up there she would be nearer to God and that God would watch over her.

In the silence the wee lass became afraid, and called softly: “Mummy, are you there?”

“Yes, dear,” came the reply.

A little later, in a louder voice, the child called: “Daddy, are you there, too?”

“Yes, dear,” was the reply.

After this had been repeated several times, at a steadily increasing volume, a passenger in the next compartment finally lost his patience and shouted at the top of his voice: “Just give us peace. Yes, we are all here, your father, your mother, your brother, the whole jing bang lot of us - now get to sleep!”

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There was a moment of silence and then, a wee quiet scared voice asked, “Mummy, was that God?”

We all have our fears, and fear takes away our peace, does it not?

We are being sensible in the face of circumstances none of us have ever experienced before, and yet we wonder if this unseen killer could still strike us.

Recent evidence indicates that despite all the warnings and the public health advice, there are still some people who have not a care in the world. Not for themselves, and certainly not for you. And we fear.

Many live constantly in fear. They had fears before Covid, and they will have fears when Covid has gone.

They fear the darkness, they fear the day, they fear life, and they fear death.

In these strange days we need peace. I noted the results of a survey recently where people were asked how they felt about restrictions being eased. Sixty per cent of folk were worried about that.

I wish I could give you absolute assurance that we will all come out of this together but I do believe we will. Stay safe.

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