SEVERAL residents in Helensburgh have reported a loss of water supply this morning.

Scottish Water confirmed shortly before 10am that a burst water main in the G84 area was resulting in supply issues.

A statement on their website said: "Customers in Helensburgh G84 have reported an interruption to their water supply.

"We are currently on the way to investigate the issue and are aiming to be on site as soon as possible.

"While we investigate, please be aware that you may experience no water supply or low/intermittent water pressure. You may also experience discoloured water."

People living in East and West King Street, Lomond Street, East Princes Street and Maitland Court reported low pressure or no water at all, with others in Sinclair Street also having issues.

The utility company said an update is due at or around 12.45pm, with many residents reporting that water supplies had returned to normal in the past hour or so.

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