A LOCHSIDE path allowing Helensburgh residents and visitors to follow Scottish folk hero Rob Roy MacGregor’s footsteps along the banks of Loch Lomond has been included in this year’s list of Hidden History Trails.

The trails, which have been set up in a series by the National Trust for Scotland are found across the country however the The Ardess Hidden History Trail at Ben Lomond will showcase ruins of houses, farm buildings and field-walls - reminders of a community who lived by the banks of Loch Lomond several hundred years ago.

Trail-walkers will also walk in the footsteps of Rob Roy, who owned land there until he was branded an outlaw.

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Derek Alexander, the National Trust for Scotland’s head of archaeology, said: “We know that people want to get out again and enjoy properties but do so in a safe environment.

“They want to be outdoors and somewhere that has good parking and safe footpaths, that’s the beauty of NTS locations, they offer all of that.

“The trails tell of Scotland’s hidden heritage and some of the things we highlight are very subtle, you would not know what was there until someone actually points out the features in the landscape and tells you the story.

“And more often than not, it’s the archaeology of the everyday. We are telling the stories of Scotland’s people – not of the elites.”

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