TRAFFIC regulation measures in Luss are a step closer to being made permanent after councillors agreed to move the process forward.

A temporary traffic regulation order was imposed in the village in July which saw the painting of double yellow lines on several roads, the installation of signs and the introduction of parking permits.

The move was welcomed by village residents, with Luss and Arden Community Council convener David Pretswell saying they were “an essential first step to improving the situation".

The proposal to make the changes permanent was then put to the Helensburgh and Lomond area committee last week, and members agreed that the traffic regulation order process should start.

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Councillor George Freeman said at the meeting: “I am glad to see this report in front of us. If we have anything to thank Covid-19 for it is that after years of discussion, we have now got a way forward.

“Hopes have been raised that the area committee will approve this report today, as it will take it to consultation and the public will get their say.

“Given the work that has been done around the scheme the community council put together, it will be welcomed and I do not think we will get a large scale of objections.”

A report by executive director Kirsty Flanagan was added to the meeting business after its agenda was first published, with the councillors agreeing to take the item as urgent.

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Ms Flanagan said: “Traffic issues in Luss have been a cause of concern for residents for a number of years and have generated much discussion and, at times, national media interest.

“Despite various attempts to find proportionate, balanced and sustainable solution to the issues raised which meets the needs of residents, businesses, visitors, and is fair to road users who all have a right to use the public road, no solution has yet been agreed.

“In response to Covid-19 and the significant influx of visitors to the village as lockdown and travel restrictions were eased, a temporary traffic regulation order was progressed.

“The recent changes – the main thrust of which was the introduction of a temporary permit zone – appear on the face of it to be working reasonably well, although there does appear to be in issue in terms of people’s understanding of the restrictions, which will require additional clarity by way of further signage etc.

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“Following on then from the developmental work of the past two years and the important learnings from the recent changes put in place in response to Covid-19 and associated pressure on the local infrastructure, this report sets out a set of proposals to go forward for consideration in a formal traffic regulation order process e.g. to be advertised.

“These proposals were produced by lawyers acting for the community council with input from the council – a strong example of positive partnership working.

“On the whole these are considered to meet the test and are commended to members for consideration with a view to providing a proportionate, balanced and sustainable solution to the recurring traffic issues in Luss.”

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