A WOMAN believed to have been travelling throughout the UK committing thefts was arrested in Helensburgh after allegedly being caught stealing more than £2,000 worth of cosmetics.

Officers were called out to a town centre store on Wednesday evening, September 16, after reports of a suspected shoplifter in the area.

Police say a female was arrested and identified via CCTV as having stolen beauty products to the value of £2,230 from a single shop.

After some dubiety over the woman’s true identity she was confirmed to be a 22-year-old from England and believed to have been travelling through the UK committing thefts.

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An enquiry has so far confirmed the same individual to be responsible for high value thefts in areas of England, according to police.

Helensburgh officers are contacting the forces dealing with the previous thefts to provide the identity of the female allegedly responsible.

Vivien Dance, chair of the Helensburgh and Lomond Chamber of Commerce, said: “It’s particularly disappointing at this time, when businesses are struggling and need all the income they can get, that they still have to combat shoplifting.

“It must be soul destroying when they find out this is happening on their premises.

“Good on the Police Scotland officers in Helensburgh.”

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