THE Gare Loch has had some unusual guests this week - much to the delight of local nature lovers.

Three northern bottlenose whales have been spotted in the waters near Garelochhead, with people lining the village's shores over the weekend to catch a glimpse of the impressive mammals.

Jamie Munro caught the animals on camera while they were putting on a show for onlookers on Friday, September 25.

He said: "Three northern bottlenose whales have been fishing at the head of the Gareloch for the last three days.

"Students from Edinburgh University were studying the whales and British Divers Marine Life Rescue team have been monitoring their behaviour for the last six weeks as they have travelled between Loch Long, the Clyde Estuary and now the Gareloch.

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"Large crowds gathering on Shore Road to watch the show and wish these magnificent animals safe passage back out to sea."

And Jamie wasn't the only one to share his excitement at seeing the unexpected visitors to the area - Jaclyn Sparks also spotted the animals in Loch Long last week.

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