A HELENSBURGH bar has lost its bid to have its outdoor drinking time extended by an extra hour after councillors rejected the plans.

An application from the owners of the Clyde Bar was turned down by Argyll and Bute Council’s planning, protective services and licensing committee on September 23.

The application, to extend the hours during which outdoor drinking in the pub’s beer garden is allowed from 9pm to 10pm, had been continued from the committee’s previous meeting in August.

And when it went back before the committee on September 23 the application was narrowly rejected by six votes to four after Kintyre councillor Rory Colville submitted a lengthy motion to refuse permission - against officials’ advice.

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Helensburgh councillors Lorna Douglas and Richard Trail are members of the PPSL committee, but took no part in the debate or the vote, having declared an interest.

The decision was made despite a council planning officer having recommended that the plans were given the go-ahead.

Twelve objections had been received from the public.

It was not mentioned in the report, or during the meeting, if the extra hour would apply on any specific days of the week.

Councillor George Freeman said: “There would be no music allowed, and the beer garden is some distance away from the nearest residential properties.

“I see no difficulty with this at all, given the current problems with the economy and the difficulties faced by businesses across the country.”

Councillor Alastair Redman, who seconded Councillor Freeman’s motion to approve, added: “We should not be damaging businesses who are already struggling.”

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But not every councillor was convinced, with Councillor Graham Hardie saying: “I pass the Clyde Bar regularly and it is right in the middle of a residential area. I am aware it produces quite a lot of noise at night.”

Councillor Colville then read out his motion to refuse permission, saying: “I am taking a different view from environmental health officers as I believe that on this occasion, I should follow my own view.

“I am balancing various considerations, including various policy provisions. The local development plan states that within existing settlements, applications will be permitted providing that in residential locations, it would not erode the character of the area, or affect residents through noise.

“Having due regard to the development plan, and all other material considerations and objections received, this adds weight to the case for refusal.”

Councillors Freeman and Redman were joined in voting to grant permission by Councillors David Kinniburgh and Sandy Taylor.

However, Councillor Hardie seconded Councillor Colville’s amendment, and Councillors Mary Jean Devon, Audrey Forrest, Donnie McMillan and Jean Moffat also voted to refuse.

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