A GOOD Samaritan has described how he rushed to the aid of a woman who was left trapped inside a car after it crashed off the road and on to its roof near Helensburgh.

Clayton Lambert pulled over immediately when he discovered the car lying upside down just off the A818, near the Glen Fruin road end.

The accident happened at around 5.30pm on Saturday, October 3.

Mr Lambert told the Advertiser: “Their car was upside down, so I put my hazards on and stopped my car.

“The boyfriend was already out the car, but the woman was still upside down screaming away, so I got on my knees to get her out.

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“Then I fell in the stream – you should see the state of my own car, I’ve had to get it valeted.

“Other people stopped to help and she didn’t appear to be hurt.

“Someone phoned an ambulance, so I got in the car and went home when I knew she was OK.”

Last year Mr Lambert spoke to the Advertiser about the damage caused to a holiday property he and his wife own at Crosskeys Roundabout, less than two miles away from the scene of Saturday’s accident.

That incident, on November 9, 2019, caused significant damage to the C-listed property.

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Describing Saturday’s crash at the Glen Fruin road end, Inspector Roddy MacNeill from Police Scotland in Helensburgh, said: “Police attended a report of a one vehicle accident at this location, with the car reported to be on its roof.

“Upon arrival officers noted both the male and female occupants to be outwith the vehicle, the female having suffered an injury to her leg.

“Enquiry identified the 19-year-old female, from Glasgow, as having been the driver.

“Due to the circumstances she was required to provide a sample of saliva for a drugs test. The result of the test was positive for cocaine and she was arrested for suspected drug driving.

“Blood samples were subsequently taken by medical staff and they have been sent for analysis pending a report to the procurator fiscal.

“Thankfully no other road users were injured.”

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