A KILCREGGAN couple have decided to turn the front porch of their home into one of the smallest art galleries in Scotland to give local artists and craft-makers a pre-Christmas boost.

While there are examples elsewhere of art being displayed in phone boxes, the two metre square space in the Peninsula porch definitely qualifies as one of the tiniest.

Already more than a dozen artists from Cardross, Helensburgh, Rhu, Cove and Kilcreggan have come on board to show their work in the exhibition, A Little Christmas Magic, at the aptly-named The Porch Gallery from this Saturday, November 21 to Sunday, December 6.

These include well-known names like Joyce Borland, Eleanor Carlingford, Mary-Jane Selwood, Caitlin Hegney, Helen Reid-Foster and Molly Bradshaw, as well as less well-kent exhibitors like Fiona Kilgore, Nigel Reid-Foster, Fiona Howard, Heather Spriggs, Laura Caldwell, Kim Selwood, Wendy Robinson, Craufurd McBride and Golden Oak.

With so many events cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic, artists and craftspeople have lost out on opportunities to sell their work ahead of Christmas.

Fiona Holland and her husband Julian Calvert have recently had their porch at Templeton Cottage on School Road in the village spruced up – and for Fiona, who used to run exhibitions for a gallery in Helensburgh, it seemed like a great venue.

“There’s no doubt the size is a challenge, but it’s quite flexible and quirky,” she said.

“Putting on a wee pop-up before the porch turns into what it’s supposed to be – a dumping ground for all kinds of food, gadgets, garden things, wellies and the like – just seemed like a good idea.

“I really hope people will come along and find some great Christmas treats and support the artists – honestly, I do think we have something for everyone, with prices ranging from £3.50 to £600.

“We are also raising money for charities, including the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, RNLI, Scottish SPCA, Helensburgh’s Dementia Resource Centre and Cats Protection via various festive and craft items, as well as a selection of cards.”

Check out The Porch Gallery Facebook page for full details of location and opening hours (it will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays), as well as its Covid-19 compliance measures.

It will also be open in the evening by appointment only.