FREEZING weather conditions in Helensburgh are set to worsen over the next day-and-a-bit after the Met Office issued a 32-hour warning for snow and ice across the whole of Scotland.

The yellow "be aware" alert, issued on Wednesday, began at 3pm and lasts until 11.59pm on Thursday.

Forecasters are predicting a band of sleet and snow across the north-west of the country on Wednesday, before moving south-east across most parts of Scotland overnight.

Temperatures in Helensburgh are expected to remain close to freezing throughout the period when the warning is in force, but wintry showers are predicted for the early hours of Thursday.

The Met Office is warning that “some roads and railways are likely to be affected, with longer journey times by road, bus and train services”.

The public are also being advised that some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces can be expected – with patches likely to form on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

It comes as temperatures across Scotland continue to plummet below zero in many areas.

In Helensburgh the coldest spell is expected late on Thursday night and in the early hours of Friday, when temperatures are likely to stay at or slightly below freezing - though for anyone out and about, it could feel as cold as -4 or -5 degrees Centigrade.

A forecast on the Met Office website reads: “1-2 cm snow is likely to settle at low levels quite widely, with 3-6 cm above 200 metres and up to 10 cm above 300 metres.

“Rain is more likely around some coasts, and snow may also turn to rain at low levels inland before clearing to leave a risk of ice on untreated surfaces on Thursday morning.

“Following the clearance of the rain, sleet and snow on Thursday morning, much of inland Scotland will be dry for most of the day. 

“However, snow showers will then follow into northern Scotland on Thursday, especially during the afternoon and evening. 

“A further 2-5 cm is likely at low levels with around 10 cm accumulating above 200 metres. 

“This warning will likely be updated on Thursday."

However, the Met Office is also predicting that the prolonged spell of cold weather will begin to ease at the weekend, with temperatures in Helensburgh possibly climbing as high as 7 degrees above freezing on Saturday, and 8 degrees on Sunday into Monday.

For the latest Met Office forecast for Helensburgh, click here.