THREE community groups have received financial donations following the winding up of a local trust.

The Catherine Stobo Gibson Benevolent Trust, which was set up in 1901, regularly provided funds to initiatives in the Garelochhead and Rosneath peninsula area but in recent years the need for support has dwindled, resulting in directors taking the decision to wind up efforts.

Benefitting from the move, courtesy of a £500 contribution from the trust, are Garelochhead Community Council and Rosneath and Clynder Community Council, as well as the Garelochhead Senior Citizens group.

The Garelochhead Residents’ Association has also received £1,000 towards its ongoing programme of village improvements, though the group’s activities are currently suspended as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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George Freeman, independent councillor for Lomond North and chairperson of the trust, said: “I am delighted that the trustees have been able to provide financial help to a number of local community groups within the Garelochhead and Rosneath peninsula area.

“I would have liked to have provided support to other community councils and community groups within the area but unfortunately the funds could only benefit those within the Garelochhead and Rosneath area as stipulated within the trust rules.

“I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all the trustees over the years who have helped to keep the trust going and as such, have helped many people within our communities over the years.”

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The donations to the community councils will be used to help cover the cost of providing Christmas lighting over the coming years, while the senior citizens’ cash will go towards the cost of the group’s annual Christmas dinner.

Cllr Freeman added: “After donating £2,500 to the aforementioned community groups, it was decided that the remaining balance of £563 should be allocated towards an end of Covid-19 celebration.

“Unfortunately, the way things stand at the moment, it may be some time before that money can be spent.”

Other trustees were Margaret Stratton, Fay Gillespie and Robin Gall from Garelochhead, the Rev Christine Murdoch from Kilcreggan, and Rena Fleming from Rosneath.

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