A FORMER Helensburgh submariner has admitted it "might take a while to fully see the funny side" after missing out on the Who Wants to be a Millionaire jackpot.

Ex-warrant officer marine engineer Justin Beattie, who spent 20 years living in the Burgh before leaving the Royal Navy in 2015, took his place in the hot seat on Sunday's episode of the ITV quiz show.

Justin, 49, had all four lifelines remaining after successfully answering nine questions, but came unstuck when going for £32,000.

Asked 'Which sportsman retired aged just 26, before making an unsuccessful return to competition eight years later?', Justin incorrectly guessed Carl Lewis - costing him £15,000, and his dream of opening up a micro pub.

Unable to contain his shock Justin blurted out an expletive when host Jeremy Clarkson revealed the correct answer.

And after revealing he did, in fact, know the right answer (Björn Borg), Justin - who now lives in Bristol - said the experience left him with a sinking feeling.

"That's what happens when you're thinking of one athlete whilst picturing another," he told the Advertiser.

"I can't hold it against Carl Lewis, it was totally self-inflicted.

"I can't lie, it was a bit of a sting at the time but I'm well on the way to turning it into a funny anecdote and taking the sting out of it that way. That's probably the least painful way to look at it."

You can read more from Justin in this week's print edition of the Advertiser - out on Thursday.