ROAD signs welcoming drivers into Helensburgh could be set for a revamp - if the town’s community councillors can decide on a new design.

Members of Helensburgh Community Council (HCC) discussed the plans during their first monthly meeting of the year, held via Zoom on Thursday, January 28.

The current entry signs - located on the A818 Luss Road at the reservoir, travelling westbound on the A814 Cardross Road just after Morrisons, and heading east on Gareloch Road before Rhu Road Higher - are in a “pretty parlous state”, according to HCC member Tariq Durrani, who said that concerns about their poor quality have been brought to HCC’s attention.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The northern entry sign on Luss Road, coming from the direction of ArdenThe northern entry sign on Luss Road, coming from the direction of Arden

HCC is working with Helensburgh Garelochside Rotary Club to put together a proposal for their redesign and the joint project aims to create and install a more “attractive and modern version” of the current signs.

Initial suggestions centred around making the new signs “representative of the town, legible, easily readable by the passing traffic and where possible, iconic in nature”.

The Rotary Club’s secretary, John Macpherson, told the meeting: “The present signs are difficult to read. In their state they really do not enhance the image of Helensburgh in any way.

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“We looked elsewhere online at other significant towns in Argyll and Bute and we saw nothing but a motley collection of signs that didn’t appeal to us in the very slightest.

“We looked further afield and there are some really quite fascinating signs as you go around the country that are designed to enhance the image of these towns.

“One of the first things I did was ask an outsider for his views, and I was immediately asked ‘why are you not taking advantage of the Logie Baird heritage?’ ‘Why don’t you use a television for the sign?’

Helensburgh Advertiser: The eastern entry sign on the A814, coming from the direction of CardrossThe eastern entry sign on the A814, coming from the direction of Cardross

“We could go completely over the top and have a giant television at every entrance in Helensburgh, or we could perhaps be a little less dramatic.”

Early concepts incorporated a Charles Rennie Mackintosh-style typeface stating ‘Welcome to Helensburgh’ and ‘Birthplace of John Logie Baird - Inventor of Television’.

They also included a backdrop of hills and waves - symbolising the waterfront and surrounding scenery - while feedback from members noted that Henry Bell’s Comet paddle steamer should be referenced somewhere on the installation.

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HCC’s Roger Ferdinand said: “The initial concept was: what defines Helensburgh?

“For me it’s the fact that when you come into Helensburgh you see the profile of those hills, secondly the Hill House, and also, of course, John Logie Baird.”

Mr Macpherson added: “Some towns do go over the top.

“I’m always offended driving into Derby. Rolls-Royce, who sponsor their road signs, have their name twice the size of Derby, and that offends me.

“I want it the other way around.”

Further discussions will take place before a final design is chosen.

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