HELENSBURGH United Reformed Church this week celebrated 50 years since the sanctuary around their organ was complete, and uncovered some rather cheeky graffiti in the process.

Back in 2019, the church’s minister, Rev Mitchell Bunting, crawled behind the organ to do some regular maintenance work.

While there, he discovered a message both funny and heartwarming, and brought smiles to church workers’ faces as they discovered the date which it was written, almost 50 years ago.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The church 'graffiti' from 1971The church 'graffiti' from 1971

A message was found scribed into the upholstery, saying: “This paper was hung with many swear words from H. Young & E. Michie, 3/2/1971.

“In loving memory of J.G.Burgess & Son. Our beloved employer.”

Mr Bunting said: “If anyone knows either of these people or their families please let them know that this anniversary put a smile on our faces and their work has stood the test of time!”

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