WE could all use some light-hearted, positive news at the moment, so we dug into our archives and picked out this gem of a story from 15 years ago this week.

Here's how it appeared in the Advertiser on February 16, 2006...

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LOVE was in the air when two Highland calves were born at Ardardan on Valentine’s Day.

Enchanted farm staff arrived at work on Tuesday to find the cute baby cows nestling against their mothers in a paddock opposite the shop.

The pair, who are being nicknamed the two Valentinos, were not due to be born until March.

But they surprised everyone by entering the world on February 14.

May Montgomery of Ardardan Estate, said: “Everyone was full of glee and excitement because we’ve never had calves before and these two were born on St Valentine’s Day!

“It’s something that’s very new to the farm and the area.”

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And new mums Rhona and Solas, who both calved for the first time, are tenderly caring for the newborns in a special field, to the delight of visitors.

May said: “It was their first time but they came up trumps and did it all on their own and naturally without any help from anybody.

“When everyone came in to work this morning there were two baby calves as happy as Larry, and they have great mothers who are feeding them very well.

“They are very healthy and just nestle in to their mothers until they get to know each other.”

The farm first brought in pedigree Highland Cattle around two years ago and now has a group of 12 which are a star attraction at Ardardan, near Cardross.

The herd are nicknamed the Ardardan Highlanders and are a favourite with visitors.

May said: “People love the cows and come from all over to admire them.

“They are very docile and good natured.”

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