OUR latest Councillor Column is written by Argyll and Bute Council's policy lead for planing, Cllr David Kinniburgh.

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IT is almost a year since the UK went into lockdown for the first time due to Covid-19 – and in that time, attempts have been made by various governments to lift the restrictions which have been a major part of our lives for the last 12 months.

However, since Boxing Day, due to new strains of the virus, we have been living with strict lockdown measures once more, in Helensburgh and Lomond and across Scotland and the UK.

As we start to look at easing the measures again we do so with one big advantage this time round and that is the roll-out of the much anticipated vaccine.

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As we approach the milestone of 20 million people receiving their first jab in the UK, more than a third of the adult population, it is vital to our economic recovery that we get the vaccine when offered – and I personally will receive my first jab in the next few days.

Although I realise it is a matter of choice whether we accept the offer of the vaccine, I was astonished when listening to the radio the other day to hear one woman on a phone-in programme.

She stated that because of the number of deaths that had occurred due to Covid-19 within her age group, and the fact that the majority of those had underlying health issues, which she did not, she would not be having the vaccine – as she would not catch the virus, and if she did it would not affect her greatly!

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AN ISSUE that is raised with me on a regular basis is vehicles travelling at excess speed, particularly through our towns and villages.

Last week I was overtaken by a vehicle going through Cardross while I was passing the golf club on the A814. I then saw the same vehicle overtake another vehicle on the approach to the pelican crossing at the Co-op a short distance up the road.

By the time I had exited the 30mph limit, the vehicle in question was out of sight. But, as invariably happens, due to other traffic on the road, by the time we approached Helensburgh this particular vehicle was immediately in front of me!

Driving like this in a built-up area is dangerous and highly irresponsible – and although individuals like this, and those who choose not to accept the offer of the vaccine, are in the minority, when making decisions such as these, they are not only endangering their own lives but those of others round around them.

I would therefore urge everyone to get the vaccine when offered it, to drive safely, and to stay safe.

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