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WHEN rugby is allowed to resume in Scotland after Covid, it could look very different in the Burgh.

Helensburgh Rugby Club officials have recently been staggered to learn that there could be tens of thousands of pounds of gold buried under the club’s home pitches.

Ardencaple was recently the venue a metal detecting expedition by the Helensburgh and Argyll Hunters for Aurum (HAHA), who think they have made the major discovery.

This will mean that the pitches will have to be dug up, and the club will groundshare with Loch Lomond Rugby Club when the sport is allowed to resume again.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the club has not kicked, thrown or touched down a ball in anger for over a year, with the 2020/21 season being declared cancelled in November.

An amazed club president Lee Fish told the Advertiser: “It’s quite incredible to think the club could have been playing on top of a stash of gold all this time.

You sometimes hear about all these major discoveries that get made all over the world and think it will never happen to you, but here we are.

It means that we will have to vacate the premises to allow excavation of the supposed discovery to take place. Early indications are that we could be away for as much as two years.

So that will present challenges, but fortunately Loch Lomond Rugby Club have been very helpful in allowing us to use their facilities.

It will be all our teams, including our youth section, who will make the transition to Dillichip Park in Bonhill when rugby is allowed to resume.

This is a very exciting time for the club, despite the travelling, and we wish HAHA every success with their findings.”

The name of the HAHA organisation comes from the Latin word aurum, which gives gold its Au symbol in the periodic table.

Once any gold is found under the playing surface, it will need to be sent away to analysts to ensure it is genuine, and establish its purity.

Despite the extent of the work, a HAHA spokesperson told the Advertiser: “We’ll be as quick as we can and look to have the pitches back in the club’s hands as soon as possible.

As soon as we are finished, we have agreed a deal that we will pay for relaying of all turf. Hopefully this can be the start of a positive relationship between both of our groups.”

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