A HELENSBURGH mental health hub has launched its first ever newsletter.

Jean’s Bothy, a local community hub which focuses on mental health and wellbeing, has released its monthly information update which includes contributions from the hub’s members.

Inside the newsletter there are stories, poems, photos of members’ favourite walks, favourite recipes and some health tips on keeping well during the pandemic.

Also included inside the leaflet is jobs information for the large garden and allotment Jean’s Bothy members tend to. Each subsequent issue of the newsletter will describe jobs needed for the month ahead.

Katrina Sayer, the development manager at Jean’s Bothy, says it’s hoped that by releasing the newsletter, and getting more people involved in something creative, the mental health and wellbeing of all the project’s service users will be improved.

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Katrina told the Advertiser: “Over the last year we have continually adapted our programme as guidance has changed and the online version of all our activities and workshops has worked really well for a number of our members, but we are really looking forward to the day when members can get back to seeing each other in person.

“We recognize this will not be easy for everyone and for some the online programme will be preferred.

“With that in mind our future programme will be a mixture of both online and in person activities and workshops.”

Service user Lynne McDonough added: “I chose to be part of the monthly newsletter as it will keep the community up to date with what’s happening in the bothy.

“I also wanted to give back as Jean’s Bothy has helped me through the hard times during lockdown.”

To receive a copy of the newsletter, email jeansbothy@enable.org.uk or contact 01436 679218.

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