THIS week's Community Column comes from Norman Muir, convener of Helensburgh Community Council.

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THE centenary of the invention of TV by John Logie Baird takes place in 2026. This is an event that will attract widespread attention at home and abroad.

As his birthplace and the town in which he grew up, Helensburgh will undoubtedly attract considerable attention.

Under the guidance of Stewart Noble, work has started to determine what the town can do to celebrate the event. As ever, we need “hands on deck” to move the process along.

We would therefore be very grateful if those who wish to contribute and help can make themselves known to anyone in the Community Council through our website.

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IT is worthwhile remembering from time to time that Helensburgh is home to a population of 15,600 – and that number is growing.

This means we have the people power to play a major part in maintaining the appearance of the town, particularly the ambience of our green spaces and woodlands.

Organisations such as the Helensburgh Tree Conservation Trust, the Friends of Duchess Wood, the Friends of Hermitage Park, the Helensburgh Community Woodlands Group and the James Street Community Garden, to name but a few, would gladly welcome anyone inclined to help their cause. We have a great volunteer spirit in the town and now would be a good time to call upon it. You can contact the organisations named via their respective websites.

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SOME time ago the Community Council issued a call for retired professionals in various fields to assist us.

As a statutory body we are continually required to consult on a variety of issues which on occasion require specialist knowledge and experience.

We had a good response; one of whom is researching our broadband status in the town at the moment. We specifically lack the skills of a retired lawyer and a retired surveyor, and if anyone is interested in helping us, contact me on

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WE hope that we can return to our beach cleans and maintaining the shrub beds in the square in the near future.

In the absence of meetings, we continue to use Zoom and hold webinars to which all are invited.

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