THIS week's Councillor Column comes from Helensburgh Central councillor Lorna Douglas (SNP).

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MICHAEL Matheson, the cabinet secretary for transport, infrastructure and connectivity, announced last month that the preferred long term route to Argyll and Bute, following a study of various options to solve the problem of landslides on the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful, was Route Corridor 1 - Glen Croe.

This may have come as no great surprise to many of us and we now have five individual options within this corridor route to consider.

These form part of a second consultation which is now open to the public to view and comment on at Transport Scotland’s website (

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In brief the five possible options up for consideration and consultation are:

Brown route: Basically this route follows the existing A83 trunk road through Glen Croe, but will include debris flow shelters and a viaduct.

Yellow route: A new single carriageway between the A83 trunk road and the Old Military Road with a viaduct.

Green route: A new single carriageway on the opposite side of the glen to the A83 trunk road, with a viaduct and other landslide mitigation measures.

Purple route: A new single carriageway through the glen floor to the north-west of the Old Military Road with a possible viaduct option and tunnel.

Pink route: A new single carriageway road between the A83 trunk road and the Croe Water, of which 2.9km will be within a tunnel.

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A long term solution to this route into and out of Argyll and Bute will be welcomed by many businesses and individuals alike.

The negative impact and disruption of this unstable road, particularly over the last nine months since the major landside at the beginning of August last year has been massive. The current road is just not a sustainable route between central Scotland and Argyll any more.

The announcement for a new, more resilient, route has been a long time coming and will no doubt still have a long way to go before completion. However, it’s happening, and it’s important that we have our say as local users on this side of the Rest and be Thankful.

The consultation closing date is Friday, May 28, and I urge readers of the Advertiser to please take part – so that, when the best route is eventually opened, we can all “rest” from the rounds of options and upheaval and be truly “thankful” for one resilient route in and out of beautiful Argyll and Bute.

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