A MARATHON fund-raising event by a team of enthusiastic peninsula runners has raised more than £3,000 for one of the country’s best known cancer charities.

Veronica Ferguson, known to her friends as Roni, and nine of her friends pulled on their running shoes and took to the Rosneath peninsula to run 42 kilometres in aid of the Vale of Leven fund-raising committee of Macmillan Cancer Support on Sunday, May 30.

The day raised more than £3,200 at last count, which will go towards helping local cancer patients and their families.

Helensburgh Advertiser: The group enjoyed ideal conditions on SundayThe group enjoyed ideal conditions on Sunday

Roni told the Advertiser: “It was hot - the sorest bit was the sunburn.

“It was such an amazing turnout, we had so much baking left over which we helped care homes around the area with.

“There were ten runners in total and they kept running for as long as they could. Everyone was sensible and it was socially distanced.

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“People were just so generous, the community spirit around here is amazing, everyone came out into the sunshine.

“People were putting tenners in for tea and cake just because it was Macmillan, the baking raised more than £700 on its own.”

Roni also admitted that the experience was made much easier by the fact she wasn’t doing the run on her own.

Helensburgh Advertiser: More than £3,000 was raisedMore than £3,000 was raised

“When you’re with company it’s totally fine,” she said.

“I had a friend going round with water. People made it easy, we listened to music, we were blessed by the weather.

“It was great to help people. We’re going to make it a yearly event, why not?

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“We see that kind of support and it’s great for the kids, we’ll have a local run – 5k, 10k, half marathon and a full marathon.

“I need to thank The Journey gym in Helensburgh who helped me initially.

“They’re good for mental health as well as physical health –they encourage people and it’s so important.

“You don’t have to be very fit, it helps you get fitter in mind and body.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Locals turned out in supportLocals turned out in support

“It’s intimidating, but then you meet them and it’s not.

“I’d encourage anyone who’s looking to get involved to contact them.

“I’d love to thank Caroline Drew, who has a running group on the peninsula – she’s heavily pregnant and she still ran.

“I’d also like to thank runners Simon Lee, Angie Gallacher, Kate Bleer, Ellen McVey, David McGowan, Jacqui Vance, Michelle Mortlock and Susannah Conran.”