OUR latest Councillor Column comes from Argyll and Bute Council's depute leader, Cllr Gary Mulvaney (Conservative, Helensburgh Central).

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I recently visited the site of the Helensburgh waterfront leisure centre development for the second time to see at first hand the progress Heron Bros were making and to mark the “topping out” milestone, when traditionally the structure and roof are completed.

The progress of structural works is impressive and it is reassuring that this £22 million flagship project remains on time and in budget.

Flood defence walls and rock armour are complete as is the steelwork, concrete walls and floors to the two pools.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Cllr Gary MulvaneyCllr Gary Mulvaney

Public realm works to the former skatepark have also started with the concrete steps nearly done.

A new electrical sub-station on the former Mariner’s site has been completed too.

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Internally, mechanical and electrical works are progressing at a pace.

So overall, excellent progress to date and we are still on track to complete in July 2022.

The view from the new fitness suite and gym looking across the Clyde and up the Rhu narrows is certainly one that will distract you as you pound the treadmill and complete your workout.

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AS the UK vaccination rollout continues apace, we are welcoming the freedom to meet people, get back to school or work, visit our friends’ homes, socialise, shop, go to the gym and book a holiday.

The interesting thing is that prior to March 2020, we didn’t think these were freedoms at all.

They were just normal life, until of course those freedoms were denied to us.

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So, maybe as we get back to the office, visit our local restaurants and shops, we take a moment to savour and enjoy what we have and can do, and how fortunate we are to be in a position to do it.

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‘WHOM the gods would destroy they first send mad’ can be First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s only defence to her decision to no longer call the Indian variant “Indian”.

It’s either that or hubris, but whichever it is, she is now calling it “Delta”.

She didn’t seem to have an issue with the Brazilian or South African variants.

The Kent variant tripped off the tongue too (probably because it was English, and England is bad, according to some nasty nats).

The Indian Council of Scotland have called her language just silly gesture politics.

I’ll leave it at that as I need to order our takeaway from Helensburgh’s finest “Delta”.

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