LUSS Primary School has been gifted £1,000 to help pay for new PE equipment.

The school successfully applied to the Luss and Arden Development Trust (LADT) for funding support to replace some of the sports equipment which is more than 20 years old.

Head teacher Marianne Docherty said: “As an active school we always encourage participation in sport and this new equipment will allow us to extend opportunities and provide a wider range of experiences for the children.

Helensburgh Advertiser: Luss Primary pupilsLuss Primary pupils

“Due to Covid related school closures over the last year many children have missed out on opportunities for team sports and games.

"We are using this money to invest in equipment which will give all our pupils the chance to develop their skills and experience the fun and enjoyment of playing together outdoors.

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"Many thanks to the LADT for providing our pupils with this opportunity.”

David McCowan, LADT chairman said: "We invited members of the Luss and Arden community, specifically groups rather than individuals to apply for funding from us.

"All cases are considered but there will be a specific leaning towards applications that benefit younger persons with the enhancement of their learning and physical wellbeing.

"We anticipate having monies on a regular basis to donate as we are now a self sufficient income generating trust."

Pictures by Brodie Duncan