CHILDREN will one day be taught about how close England came to Euro 2020 glory, according to Helensburgh's MP.

The SNP’s Brendan O’Hara made the joke in the House of Commons ahead of the Auld Enemy’s crunch semi-final clash with Denmark at Wembley on Wednesday.

But Mr O’Hara made no mention of whether the teaching of Euro 2020 would include details of Scotland’s exit from the competition at the group stage.

The Tartan Army finished bottom of group D following their three games, which included a 0-0 draw against England.

Mr O’Hara’s light-hearted remarks came as MPs considered the Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill, which seeks to enable UK governments to call a general election at the time of their choosing.

The MP for Argyll and Bute said: “Under normal circumstances, a debate on whether this Parliament does or does not choose to fix a term between its general elections isn’t something we’d get overly het up about.

“Indeed, we do not intend to be here much longer.

“Hopefully Scotland’s participation in UK general elections will be a thing consigned to the history books that children will learn alongside Robert Burns, William Shakespeare, the moon landings, and how England came so close to winning the European Championships.”