A DEDICATED graffiti wall created in a Helensburgh park has been defaced just days after it was completed.

Vandals spray-painted a slogan - which has appeared in several other locations throughout the town previously - in large black lettering over the colourful wall in Hermitage Park, designed by members of the Glasgow-based arts programme Yardworks.

Pupils from Hermitage Academy helped fill in the outdoor artwork last week and the idea was devised with the aim of deterring vandals from disfiguring other areas in the park.

Fiona Baker, chair of the Friends of Hermitage Park volunteer group which has carried out much of the refurbishment project in the green space, said she was upset at the latest incident, but vowed the graffiti wall is a positive addition to the area.

She said: “We had spoken to the teenagers about whether they would like a dedicated graffiti wall and they were enthusiastic about it.

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“Throughout the restoration the Friends have always tried to ensure the park is a place everyone can enjoy and feel welcome.

“There is plenty of space on the wall for the kids to add their own stuff around the main artwork and any budding graffiti artist will know the ‘rules’ - you don’t trash other artists’ work.

“More CCTV is being installed in the park soon.

“Kids have hung out under the pine trees for years, it is their park too and creating a dedicated graffiti wall is a tried and tested way of engaging and including young people, and reducing graffiti in other areas.

“It was a nice surprise to get such a positive community response to it and of course we are upset it has been defaced but this slogan is not ‘normal’ graffiti.”