HELENSBURGH’S future sporting champions had a great time at a week long tennis camp recently.

Youngsters from across the area arrived at Craighelen Tennis Club on East Clyde Street to be taught about what it takes to become a winner.

But it was more than just about sport, according to head coach Felix Carpenter.

He told the Advertiser: “There were 12 kids in three groups, with a lot of them quite new to it.

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“There were lots of people that picked up the sport due to Covid, and I didn’t expect that amount of people.

“I did two hour blocks with the three different groups just to give the kids that were coming something to sustain their tennis and their activity, especially so that people can do some locally - there were lots of smiles and lots of encouragement.

“It was really positive and I’ll definitely keep it going. It’s just really nice to see people enjoying themselves again. Something I noticed was that all the kids worked well together, they put on a community spirit which is what I was going for and that’s not easy to make happen, that’s down to them.”

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