Scottish Water has carried out repairs after a Helensburgh resident reported that human waste could be seen and smelled from what appeared to be a broken sewer pipe on the seashore close to the centre of the town.

A reader, who asked not to be identified, contacted the Advertiser to report a noxious smell coming from a hole in a patch of concrete on the shore close to the southern tip of Maitland Street.

The reader said: "A pipe is clearly broken. It needs sorted quickly.

"As soon as I got down to the shore I could see – and smell – where the problem was. Just looking at it made me want to throw up."

A spokesperson for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency said the pipe was the responsibility of Scottish Water, who were aware of a potential issue with the infrastructure and had directed a sub-contractor to investigate.

A Scottish Water spokesperson added: “We were made aware of an issue with the sewer pipe, which sits on a plinth on the shoreline at Maitland Street, Helensburgh.

"The infrastructure was damaged by a third party. The pipe was repaired today and we will be carrying out additional survey work in the coming days to check it is working normally.

“We are committed to delivering excellent water and waste water services to the local community.”