A public plea has been made for Helensburgh's friendliest feline after he has gone missing.

George the Helensburgh cat is believed to be missing somewhere between East Montrose Street and East Princes Street via Lomond or George Street.

In a plea on the official George the Helensburgh cat Facebook page it read: "George is missing!!!!!!!

"Please please everyone keep an eye out for him. he sneaked out of the house and we can’t find him anywhere. Been to mum’s, up and down the streets, all over town.

Helensburgh Advertiser:

"I can’t believe it. Can things get any worse . Please help Helensburgh."

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One Helensburgh resident said: "Awww no hope you find him soon. We all love you George and your family."

Anyone with information please contact the George the Helensburgh cat Facebook page.