A THUG told police they were his “f***ing servant” as they arrested him for causing a disturbance at a Kilcreggan pub, a court has heard.

Dylan Garden, 23, appeared for sentencing on three cases and pleaded guilty to a fourth at a court hearing on September 29.

The 16 months of crimes and flouting court orders made a prison sentence likely, with a sheriff expressing her concern for protecting the public from Garden.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard that around 9.10pm on March 8, 2020, Garden was drinking at The Creggans in Kilcreggan. Staff were concerned at his aggressive behaviour and his challenging other customers to fight.

Garden was asked to leave but he told them to “f*** off”. He was eventually persuaded to leave but continued to stand outside the pub.

Police arrived a short time later and found Garden standing on a table in the beer garden.

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Fiscal depute Meghan Glancey said an officer had reason to draw his baton, but Garden took umbrage and began to shout.

He said, “F*** off, you’re not taking me anywhere you f***ing pigs” and, “F*** off, I’m not coming down from the table until you put that away”.

Eventually, he got down and was arrested and put in a police car. But Garden continued to shout and swear at police.

He then said: “You’re nothing but a f***ing civil servant and you’re my f***ing servant”.

Garden kicked at one of the officers in the genital area. He was eventually brought under control but even when cautioned and charged, he replied: “F*** off.”

He appeared in court the next day and was released on bail - but seven days later, in Shore Road, Cove, and elsewhere, he had a pickaxe handle or similar item, in a public place, under provocation.

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Again, Garden was eventually released on bail, to a curfew address of his then home in West Clyde Street, Helensburgh.

That was later changed to Wallace Street in Dumbarton. But on May 5 this year at 1.30am, Garden was walking on Kilbowie Road, Clydebank when he flagged down a marked police vehicle - and asked them to take him home to Dumbarton. He was arrested again.

Once back on bail to Wallace Street, at 11.30pm on July 2, a neighbour heard someone at the door. He opened it to find Garden in a state of undress holding a knife.

Garden then said: “If I see anyone coming in and out of the door, I’m going to f***ing kill them.”

He then left and police were contacted. Garden admitted to them he had been in the close with a knife.

At court last week, Garden pleaded guilty to the July 2 offence in Dumbarton.

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He had previously admitted the March 8 offence in Kilcreggan, as well as the bail breaches.

Garden was convicted by a jury for the March 15 crime in Cove.

Defence solicitor Kenny McGowan told the court his client had been remanded in custody since July 5, his first experience of jail.

Sheriff Frances McCartney said: “Given the number of matters, I’m going to have to impose a custodial sentence for at least some of these.”

Sheriff McCartney refused to give Garden bail again, saying the number of offences and the escalation in his behaviour were of concern.

Sentence was deferred for reports on all four cases until Tuesday, October 19.