CLIMATE change campaigners in Argyll and Bute have urged the council to show that its declaration of a climate emergency is more than “just empty words”.

Councillors endorsed a motion by leader Robin Currie at the end of last month that declared a climate emergency and pledged to renew the authority’s commitment to tackling climate change, and to acknowledge the United Nations’ warning of a ‘code red for humanity’ situation.

The Time for Change Argyll and Bute campaign welcomed the declaration but urged the council not to stop there.

A spokesperson said: “Argyll and Bute Council is already taking steps to decarbonise its estate, which we applaud, and all papers that come before the council will now have their implications on the climate considered, which is also a very positive step.

“However, there is still more to be done, for example fully divesting the council’s pension fund from the fossil fuel industries which, unless they move away from their current emissions trajectory and stop all new developments now, will cause 3ºC of warming.

“We have asked the council to take a stronger stand on divestment, through an amendment to their climate emergency declaration proposed by Councillor Douglas Philand on September 30.

“The amendment was defeated by 30 votes to three. We hope that this does not mean that the declaration of a climate emergency is just empty words, and encourage the council to back up their declaration with some concrete action.”

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