THE latest addition to Helensburgh’s outdoor museum was completed last week.

A new bronze sculpture celebrating the Gareloch One Design, a classic yacht designed and built by the McGruers of Clynder, has been placed on a plinth in Colquhoun Square.

Argyll and Bute councillors approved funding for the project more than three years ago after the Gareloch One Design Class Association revealed plans for a £1,920 bronze ‘half-model’ sculpture, of which £600 was due to be covered by the local authority.

The association had restored one of the 90-year-old yachts around the time of the 2018 proposals and the sale of the vessel was set to help fund the remainder of the artwork project.

Helensburgh Advertiser: A tribute to the Gareloch One DesignA tribute to the Gareloch One Design

Helensburgh Central Councillor Aileen Morton said at the time: “The Gareloch One Design yacht is a very historic vessel and it’s lovely that a model with such rich local historical significance will be on display at the outdoor museum.”

A post shared on the Gareloch One Design Facebook page said: “Many thanks to Ufo Sutter, Tim Henderson and Shane Rankin who did so much to make this happen.

“And our convener, Prof John Blackie, of course, who noted: ‘Shane Rankin has piloted this with tenacity through very difficult waters for more than two years. Ufo Sutter initiated the project several years ago. Tim Henderson created the design, arranged for the casting of the bronze monument, and ensured its quality. We owe them great thanks’.”

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