PLANS including space for an open-air market in Helensburgh every Sunday from April to December have been approved by council chiefs.

The proposal by Harold Hood for the site at 15 West Princes Street had attracted seven objections and one representation from the public.

But Argyll and Bute Council planning officers say they are satisfied that there will not be undue noise from the site, and that traffic and access problems will not be created.

Only pedestrians will be able to access the site during the proposed markets and hours of operation will be conditioned, an officer said in a handling report.

A permanent community garden is also planned for the site as part of the development and some market stalls could be situated there permanently during the April to December period.

The planning officer said: “This proposal seeks to change the use of the existing building to a mix of retail alongside ancillary office, workshop and storage spaces.

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“It is also proposed to utilise the external courtyard space for open air markets. These markets will be held every Sunday from April to December at 9am-2/3pm with additional Saturday markets every quarter at 10am-3pm.

“It is envisaged that on Sundays there will be approximately 20-30 stalls and on the quarterly Saturday markets approximately 15-30 stalls.

“Within their design statement the agent notes that the primary focus of the Sunday Makers’ Market is ‘Top quality locally sourced small batch products - either not already available or not available on a Sunday in Helensburgh’.

“’To create a place to gather as a family and community on a Sunday. Opportunity to meet the makers, taste the wares and see demonstrations from the makers. Buy local. Support small local independent businesses. Supporting start-ups’.

“The focus on the Saturday ‘seasonal’ market is [to] ‘drive footfall in the area, unique product offering, family and community events, support local community initiatives – e.g the arts and horticulture societies’.”

The officer also said that Bad Neighbour Development policy had been considered in view of the objections submitted by the public.

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They added: “As the property is detached, the frequency of markets is limited, the hours of operation conditioned and the majority of market stalls being semi-permanent it is considered that the proposal will not have an unacceptable adverse effect on the amenity of neighbouring residents.

“Furthermore, as the property is located within the Town Centre there is a level of noise and activity which is to be expected.

“Given the proposed location is within the town centre and the Area Environmental Health Manager is satisfied with the proposals it is considered that the development accords with this policy.

“In terms of vehicular movement – no on-site parking is proposed and furthermore the Roads Area Manager was consulted and noted no objections as the proposed development is within the Helensburgh town centre zone.

“Under the Argyll and Bute Local Plan there is no requirement for the provision of parking for this proposed change of use.”